Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Letterpress Holiday Card Swap

I just returned from holiday in Pittsburgh to find my bounty of holiday card exchanges with other printers!

I received this bright holiday message from Ian @ The Printmonkey Press in the UK

Such bright colors and strong image!  The paper has a slight shimmer to it, my photos never give anything justice!

I received this Big Christmas wish from Karl with Letterpressed with a Smile

and an extra to play with and send next year!

Thanks Karl!

I got this one all the way from Germany from Sabrina at Small Caps Berlin

Beautiful deckled edge paper and
Very smart use of ornaments,
and she also sent some fantastic
gift tags, I will have to store these somewhere where I am
sure to find them for Christmas next year!

Thank you Sabrina!!

I received this unique three panel one from Jax from Print for the Love of Wood from Lanashire, UK.

beautiful speckled paper,

really great silver ink,

and creative use of Ys!!

Thanks Jax!


small caps said...

And I had fun with your card! Wish you a happy new year then...

jax said...

Happy New Year Gina!